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Smart Casual for Retirement Style

Many BABY BOOMERS are reaching retirement age and are looking to transition their wardrobe into less business and more casual. We are also seeing an influx of retired women, women new to Vancouver Island and women who have changed careers later in life, all who want their closets to shift with them, but don’t know where to start.

If you love fashion and trends… why stop now? Look to your fashion icons for inspiration. Whether classic or chic, there are ways to pull your look together so it’s unique, personal and contemporary.

There are a few factors to make this happen seamlessly and your personal style is key. Embrace the essence of what makes you unique, stop caring about what others think and dress the body you have right now! You can pull anything off if you feel confident.

For many West Coast women, a SMART CASUAL wardrobe will work best. Whether you will be travelling the world, volunteering, visiting grandchildren, dining out, or golfing, smart casual makes sense!


  • Great fitting pants and jeans are a must. A great fit makes all the difference!
  • Pieces that can be dressed up or down like a crisp ankle pant or dark jean will give you mileage.
  • Basics like tunics, t-shirts and tanks are versatile and indispensable.
  • Always have a great dress (or two!) for those occasions when you need to dress up.
  • Long sweaters, twin sets and cardigans work well to replace the classic blazer.
  • Scarves and jewellery add sparkle to basics.
  • Don’t be afraid to invest in stand out pieces like a poet sleeve top or zipper backed sweater – rock it!
  • Play with COLOUR and pattern.
  • Metallics brighten your skin tone – don’t be afraid to shine!
  • Many of us have worn uniforms to work and welcome the chance to play with fun, comfortable and colourful clothing that is easy to care for and makes us feel wonderful.


Clothes Shopping Made Easy

Shopping is fun, but it can sometimes be a frustrating experience, even for the most seasoned shoppers. Use these tips for stress-free shopping!

When you are shopping with the intention of buying, the first thing you need to do is focus on your task.

  • Set aside time to shop like you would for any other task.
  • Fill up the dressing room before you go in. Only get undressed once. It’s a numbers game – the more you try on, the more success you’ll have.
  • Because there is no standardized sizing in ladies’ fashions, try on smaller and larger sizes than you normally wear. And, be sure to shop at stores like ours, where the sales clerks know their brands. We can tell you when you need to size up or down.
  • Remember, it doesn’t cost anything to try things on! Don’t be afraid to try on a range of sizes and styles.
  • Enlist the help of a sales clerk and give clear directions of what you are looking for. Don’t be afraid to be specific. Are you going to a wedding? Are you going on a cruise? Do you hate shorts? Tell us what you are looking for and we can help.


If you’re still struggling finding the right clothes, dive deeper:

  • Are you shopping at the right stores?
  • Does the shop have age appropriate fashions and clothes fit for your lifestyle? Just because your friends shop somewhere or it’s the trendy place to go, doesn’t mean it’s serving you. Take a moment to ask yourself if it’s really the right place for you to shop. Be honest!
  • Are you being closed-minded? Be flexible. Open yourself up to try things that look interesting or catch your eye, even if it’s a departure from what you would normally wear. Step outside your comfort zone and prepare to be rewarded – you never know what you’ll fall in love with until you try it!


At KC’s, we really can help you!

If you dislike shopping, get frustrated or overwhelmed by the experience, call us at 250-751-7799 and book a personal shopping appointment. Let us know what you’re looking for, your colour preferences, and your size.We can have a dressing room already started for you when you arrive! We can make shopping an enjoyable and pain-free experience.

Need clothes for your next trip? Book a personal shopping appointment and let us help you pack your suitcase. It’s quick and easy!
Shopping Tips from Karen


We have Winter Outerwear in-store now!

outerwear-kcsDon’t wait for a cold snap to get your Winter Outerwear… all of our fall and winter jackets are in stock now. We have COATS, JACKETS, VESTS and TRAVEL JACKETS.

NEW PACKABLE 3/4 hooded coats from Polar Northside… similar to a Michael Kors style. These coats easily fold up into a pouch that fits in your purse or carry on luggage. Wonderful for travel and available in Navy and Black.

From Tonia Debellis, we have designed and made in Toronto warm and casual zipper styles in unique patterns.

For those ladies who are always cold, bundle up with this Nygard Black Coat with fur trimmed hood, zipper front and classic style. We are confident you will look your best and stay very warm in this coat!

If we continue to have a mild West Coast winter, why not try our fur trimmed vests available in white/black or navy? We also have lighter versions without fur in purple, orange red, frost blue and sand print. These can be worn with dress pants or your favourite blue jeans.

Our Joseph Ribkoff and Frank Lyman Fashion Coats turn heads! These are classic styles that look fantastic!

Lastly, Conrad C and Proportion Petites Lambs Touch Faux Leather Jackets are another option to add a touch of sophistication to your look. These machine washable jackets are popular every year. Available in purple, gunmetal grey and ivory in petite sizes, and metallic rosewood in regular sizes.

If you are looking to add a bit of colour or texture to your classic coat, try our wonderful new scarves and we guarantee you will receive compliments!


Joseph Ribkoff’s Must Haves for Fall 2013

Click on the image below for a closer look: