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Winter Clothes for Hot Women

We are talking about hot flashes! After 10 years in business, we hear the same thing from many women before winter hits – they get too hot in the fashions of the season. Ladies, don’t worry; we can help! You can still rock winter styles without overheating by following these tips:


We often hear that polyester is simply too hot. You may want to abandon wool and cashmere too, especially if you’re wearing them right next to your skin. Layering helps though!


If you feel like you are suffocating, avoid closed necklines like turtlenecks and stick to v-necks and round necklines for the season.


Collect crisp blouses that you can wear untucked and pair them with relaxed, unstructured jackets for soft tailoring. This combination looks more professional than a simple tank or t-shirt but can be breezy enough to keep you cool.


If you’re wearing a single layer, go with bamboo, rayon or cotton tanks, ¾ sleeve tops and t-shirts. The full arm length tends to lock in the heat and make you look heavier. Short sleeves draw the eye upward to make look taller and slimmer, plus natural fibres are breathable, so you can deal with those “moments” in stride. Stay away from heavy coats and go for cardigan-style sweater jacket with a zipper or button front like those from Putorti and Parkhurst. Ponchos are another great outerwear option. Be sure to wear a t-shirt or tank top underneath to stay comfortable.


Winter vests are a wonderful alternative to heavy winter coats and they are versatile. They transition from inside to outside easily, and they are easy to take off.


Layering is obviously key! Do stay away from bulky pullover sweaters (think heavy acrylic pieces). They tend to be difficult to remove when you do get hot, plus they seal in your heat.


Finally, if you simply can’t stand to wear much, go with a loose fitting scarf and winter hat in rayon for an instant fall look. You’ll look comfortable and feel cool.


As always, if you want help finding cool fashions, we are here for you!