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Your New Favourite Shades

by Kim McMurray

Is it time to find a new favourite pair of shades? Whatever your style, choosing sunglasses to suit your face shape is yet another piece to achieving that perfect head-to-toe look.

The four popular categories of face shapes are: oval, heart, square, and round.

With every face shape, it is important to remember your frame size. If you are more petite, go for smaller frames. For those of you that are more medium/average, flatter yourself with medium-size frames. If you are taller, make a statement and showcase larger frames.

In general, opposites attract with face shapes to be balanced. So here’s what you need to look for:

Oval: Your face shape is naturally balanced, so most styles will also naturally look great on you!

Just remember to choose according to your frame size!


Heart: Your face shape is wider in the forehead with beautifully defined cheekbones and narrower in the jawline. (You usually have a widow’s peak too!) Opt for styles that are wider on the bottom. Sorry heart-shaped ladies, aviators are not your best, try wayfarers, cat-eye, or round styles instead.

Square: Your face shape has a straight hairline and a sexy defined jawline.

To soften the angles, choose styles that are wider than the fullest part of your face with rounded edges.


Round: Your face shape naturally youthful. It is shorter than the Oval making it roughly as wide as it is long. You’ll do the opposite as the Square face shape and opt for frames with defined angles.

Kim McMurray is a certified Image Consultant, personal shopper and speaker. Her passion is to inspire women of all ages to embrace and reflect their unique beauty from the inside out. She has enthusiastically taught women around the world how to dress according to their natural colouring and specific body type to confidently live out their life’s calling. kimzmcm@gmail.com, 250-734-1925,