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Style Tip: Organize Your Closet

Organizing your closet can help you make room for the new!
  • First, remove anything from your closet that you can’t wear like pictures, cleaning supplies, yarn etc. If you can’t wear it, you don’t need it in your closet!


  • Next, pull out all of your out-of-season clothes and set them aside. It will be overwhelming to deal with all your clothing at once, but it’s worthwhile. Start by organizing the current season and then move onto the other pieces.


  • Now group your clothes by similar items before purging. For example, group up your black pants. When you see them together, it’s easy to see which pair looks tired or realize that you really don’t need 5 pairs that look the same.


  • Be honest in this process – how many keepsake t-shirts do you really need? Don’t hold back! Finally, try on your remaining items. You can’t know how they fit when they’re on the hanger.

For each piece remaining, ask the following questions:

  • Is it a good fit?┬áIs it a good colour for me?
  • Can it be altered to fit better?
  • Is it a current style or dated?
  • Is the item in good shape or showing its wear?
  • Can it be easily updated?
  • Do you still love it? If not, donate, resell or swap your “toss” clothes and reward yourself with a few new colourful and stylish fashions to look and feel your best!