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Wardrobe Picks for Women over 50

Our bodies, faces and lifestyles have changed over the years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel your best with fashion! Every day at the Boutique, we hear women wanting to cover up some part they aren’t happy with as they’ve aged. Remember, fashion choices are meant to improve how you feel and look as the years go on, so have fun with it!

Why not wear a JEAN for dinner? In the past, this was a no-no, but West Coast women have rebelled and brought this into the mainstream.

Denim at night is a smart, energetic and youthful look, but stick with dark washes or white jeans for a dressier look. And make sure your jeans fit well at the waist! We always recommend a Flatter Me Belt to not only save the cost of alterations but give you that seamless no-button/bump look. These belts bring in the waist easily and fit ladies sizes 2 to 22. French Dressing Jeans, Proportion Petites and JAG have styles to suit a range of sizes and body shapes Рwe are confident you can find a pair that suits you!


Next, we absolutely love a good¬†FITTED JACKET, which can work for all occasions. Black is always a classic, but consider navy, cream, beige or denim. Whatever colours you choose, the tailored jean jacket style is optimal because it pairs well with everything including jeans, skirts, dresses and pants. It’s a simple way to finish off your outfit and create that polished look.


What to wear underneath? Tanks and t-shirts are the obvious choices and a great place to add some colour. Jewelled tones are hot right now and if you are looking for comfort, go with something looser.

If you want to layer, choose a cardigan, but leave it open. If you’re wearing a sweater, be sure it’s fitted to avoid looking frumpy.

A final word on tank tops, they are a wardrobe must! Buy them in bulk in every colour because they work so well under jackets, cardigans, sweaters and blouses for a smoother look.

Finally, we want to leave you with a few basics:
– Define your waist no matter what size you are; it’s instantly flattering!
– Keep your skirt length to the knee or just above for the best look unless you are going with a maxi style.
– Buy bras that fit! It can make such a difference.
– Don’t be afraid of colour! Enliven your look with fresh hues.
– Embrace the body you have right now!