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Dressing For Body Type X

If you have a balanced figure, narrow waist and gain weight evenly all over, then you are an X body type.

You may be slender with modest curves or full-figured with voluptuous curves. Either way, you are beautifully balanced, which means you have a bit more freedom than the other body shapes. Your main goal is to maintain your natural balance by dressing for your frame size and accentuate your lovely waistline. Here’s how to compliment your body shape.

Tops: Size matters with this body shape, so be mindful to avoid clothing that is overly tight or sloppy, but rather fitted in a way to gently follow your curves. Belts are a wonderful choice to accentuate your waist (unless you are trying to hide the tummy area). Try skinny or wide styles, whichever suits your frame size the best. All accessories should complement your frame size. If you are more petite, aim for small to medium sizes for accessories and prints. If you are full-figured, aim for medium to large styles for your most flattering look.

Bottoms: Straight leg trousers or jeans are fabulous on you. You can pull off skinny jeans amazingly well. However, if you are more full-figured, I recommend a more relaxed, straight leg style than overly wide or skinny styles.

Dresses: Choose styles that flatter your beautiful curves, such as a fitted bodice with a slightly-fitted or slightly-flared bottom. Many styles will work for you so just remember to tastefully showcase your curves and pick a style in your pop colours!

Bonus Tip: Opposites attract so if you choose a flowy feminine top, pair it with skinnier trousers. If you opt for a fitted top, grab a more relaxed or wide-leg style bottom.

Thank you to Kim McMurray, certified Image Consultant, personal shopper and speaker, for sharing this series.