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What Colour Makes you POP?

by Kim McMurray

I don’t know about you, but I like to wear colours based on the weather. If it’s a gloomy day, you’ll likely see me in black… maybe with a little teal to add some life to my eyes. If it’s a sunny day, you’ll undoubtedly spot me in the distance showcasing bright yellow! Weather doesn’t need to determine your clothing colours, but there are certainly colours that will make you fab, or make you drab.

According to my training with Shari Braendel, speaker and author of “Help Me, Jesus! I Have Nothing to Wear!”, there are six colour groups that can help you determine what flatters you most. Your category depends on the colour of your eyes, complexion, and hair (natural or what you dye it the majority of the time). We won’t go into all of the details, but let’s help you POP this summer!

If you have light blonde or white hair, fair skin and light to medium eyes, you are a light. Light to medium shades will be the most flattering on you.

Pop Colours: Turquoise, pink, lavender, sapphire blue and this season’s limpet shell.

If you have light to medium brown hair, light to medium skin and medium eyes, you are a soft. Aim for medium shades for your best look.

Pop Colours: Teal blue, coral, mint green and this season’s serenity and buttercup.

If you have any red in your hair (whether natural or dyed), you are a warm. Autumn-like shades with a yellow undertone will always compliment you. Pop Colours: Rust, butterscotch, copper, turquoise and this season’s peach echo.

If you have dark medium brown to black hair, very light to medium skin and bright eyes, you are a clear. You can pull off bright colours better than anyone, so think bright!

Pop Colours: Bright purple, clear red, sunny yellow, hot pink and this season’s green flash.

If you have medium, dark brown or black hair, medium to dark skin and hazel or brown eyes, you are a deep. Medium to deep rich shades with splashes of bright will be gorgeous.

Pop Colours: Purple, true red, royal blue and this season’s fiesta.

If you have silver, grey or ash brown and usually skin with a pink undertone, you are a cool. Go for light to medium shades with a blue or pink undertone to enhance your natural beauty.

Pop Colours: Royal purple, blue-red, pink rose, lilac grey, and snorkel blue.

Kim McMurray is a certified Image Consultant, personal shopper and speaker. Her passion is to inspire women of all ages to embrace and reflect their unique beauty from the inside out. She has enthusiastically taught women around the world how to dress according to their natural colouring and specific body type to confidently live out their life’s calling. kimzmcm@gmail.com, 250-734-1925