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Pants that Fit!

Follow these tips to get the best pants that fit your body shape.

If you are PETITE (5’4″ or under), try a trimmed crop pant, or a pant with a vertical crease down the front and back which makes legs appear longer. Compression fabrics tend to slim the leg and give you some height as well.

For our ladies with FULL HIPS and thighs, we suggest a pant where the cut falls down from the widest part of the thigh for a flattering fit. A slight bootcut or straight leg (not skinny) will help your curves look less wide.

If you have a TUMMY, try a straight leg pant and find one that sits neatly at your waist. A pull on pant with tummy control is helpful too. Avoid pleats or baggy cuts which bring attention to your midriff.

TALL women can carry off a fabulous flare pant. Palazzo pants work well with height too.

Lastly, if your waist is much smaller than your hips and your backside appears bigger than the rest of your frame, fit your bum and take in the waist. Save waist alterations by trying the Flatter Me Belt!

Please come into the store and let us help find the most flattering and comfortable pants for you.