Natural Fibres0

Want natural fibers in your clothing?

What are sustainable natural fibers?

COTTON is harvested from the cotton plant and is best suited for our hot and humid climate as it breathes and keeps us cool and comfortable.

Garments made from cotton are also perfect for people who have sensitive skin as it is naturally HYPOALLERGENIC.

RAYON Many people don’t realize that Rayon is considered a natural fiber, as it is derived from naturally occurring cellulose in trees and plants.

The rayon material has natural anti-microbial properties and does not produce much odour if you sweat, making it perfect for our or any hot climate.

Spring isn’t the only season for natural fiber clothing! KC’s Boutique has made in Canada Putorti and Parkhurst cotton sweaters.

Most of our t-shirts including our ¾ or full sleeves are cotton or rayon blends.

Boiled wool is another popular request and wool capes are lightweight but still keep you warm.

Gilmour clothing from Vancouver offers many great casual styles of bamboo rayon and cotton pieces as well.

As usual, we always bring in many lines MADE in CANADA and BRITISH COLUMBIA.

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