Mixing it Up with Prints & Textures0

Men have been mixing prints and textures for years – wearing textured suits, matched with printed shirts and ties. Don’t be afraid to try it ladies! Why not experiment with it? This is a quick way to pep up your style.

Mixing Colours and Patterns
When you’re starting out, it’s often pleasing to the eye to stick with patterns that relate to each other in some way whether it be the colour or shape of the print.

If you’re pairing two different prints/patterns, choose your prints in complementary colours to pull your look together.

If you want to mix different colours, be sure to choose matching or similar prints.

Stripes go with almost anything and you’ll never go wrong with black and white!

The simple and more graphic prints are easier to mix. Florals and animal prints are often thought of as neutral prints because they can be mixed with other styles easily.

If a print-on-print is too much, break it up with a solid colour on top, either a jacket or tank top. This will ground your look.

Mixing Textures
Mixing textures can quickly individualize your look and creates an eclectic feeling. For some, it’s easier than mixing patterns.

Try pairing flannel trousers with a satin blouse or a sweater knit jacket.

More extreme textures combine well if they are in the same ‘mood’. For example, wool tweed pairs easily with suede, and satin matches well with sequins.

Wearing a hot fashion trend can be hard to get right the first time, but we have lots of experience and are ready to help! Come in and we’ll find the right mix for you.

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