Finding Your Diamonds0

Believe it or not, your beautiful legs have designated areas called diamonds. Yes, diamonds! Let’s go on a treasure hunt and find where they are!

Stand in front of a mirror and click your heels together like Dorothy on the Wizard of Oz. With your heels together and your toes pointed out at about a 45-degree angle, check out the curvature of your legs in the mirror. Your diamonds are the spaces in which your legs are farthest apart. The diamond ends where your legs touch or become closer together.

A universal length that flatters anyone is just below, just above, or at the knee. This is why the pencil skirt is a classic basic! Bermuda shorts are also flattering on just about everyone since they land closer to the knee.

Wherever a hemline hits, the eye follows, so to achieve a slimming and flattering look, avoid trousers that hit the middle of your calves or thighs where legs tend to touch. Next time you go shopping, have fun with the treasure hunt and discover pieces that will accentuate your dazzling diamonds!

Thank you, Kim McMurray, certified Image Consultant, personal shopper and speaker, for this article. kimzmcm@gmail.com, 250-734-1925, www.beautyspeakers.org/KimMcMurray.html

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