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Style Tip: Length & Type of Necklines, Collars & Jewellery

We’re happy to hear from Style Expert Kathryn Brown with some great fit tips for necklines, collars and jewellery.

To balance your head and upper body through necklines, collars and jewelry, you must first find your balance points.

1. To find your first balance point, use a piece of string to cover the length of your face from your hairline to your chin. If you wear bangs, start at the bottom of your bangs. Next, hold your string where it hits your chin, let the string fall from the bottom of your chin down your chest. Where it ends is your first balance point. This helps you find the best neckline or jewellery lengths to compliment your shape.

2. Find your second balance by starting with the widest part of your face. Next, imagine tracing a “shape” that begins from one side of the widest part of your face, around your jawline and chin, then back up to the other side of the widest part. Repeat the shape you have just traced in your mind at your shoulder line around your neck.The bottom point of your shape indicates your second balance point. Necklines that follow this shape will suit you best and be the most flattering.

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Find Your Perfect Dress for this Spring and Summer

Need a dress? Here are 3 styles of spring and summer dresses for women over 40 that are guaranteed to work for you.

The Sheath Dress
A sheath dress is class all the way. It’s a long, lean body skimming dress that encases your body, enhances your curves or creates them where there are none. This elegant style is typically sleeveless with strong waist definition and a back slit or pleats. It is unfussy and is a fabulous choice for work or anytime you are going to an important event and aren’t sure what to wear.

The Shift Dress
A shift dress is the kind of dress every woman wants in her closet because it is easy and comfortable. It’s sort of like wearing a long top. It hangs loose from the shoulders (sometimes has darts) and falls straight down to above the knee with no waist definition.
Shift dresses can be sleeveless, have short or long sleeves and usually have a high scoop or boatneck neckline. Since they are loose, they give off a casual, relaxed vibe and are excellent for covering up problem areas.

The Fit and Flare Dress
The fit and flare is one of the most popular silhouettes this spring and it’s no wonder. It has a fitted top with a very defined waist and a flared skirt. It can help balance a larger bust, define a waist and add curves. This style is very feminine and pretty.


Fit Fix: Frank Lyman’s Sleeves


Have you ever found a dress that you loved, but didn’t feel comfortable with its sleeveless cut? Thanks to Frank Lyman, you’ll never have to worry again. This practical piece adds sleeves to any dress or top. With hook & eye closures that fasten under the bust, simply attach the shoulder hooks to your bra to secure the sleeves in place.



Choosing the Right Colours and Prints

Adding colour to our outfits as we get older is a great way to look young and stylish, and it’s an ideal way of looking on-trend, while still keeping an outfit less fussy. Jewel colours such as crimson red, emerald green, or amethyst look particularly good against older skin, plus women over 50 have the experience and maturity to pull them off. However, bright primary colors can look draining against the face. That good old wardrobe staple black, can also make some older skins look washed out, in which case, add a hint of metallic in an accessory, or wear a brighter colour near the face in the guise of a necklace or scarf. Colours such as plum, deep red and chocolate brown look sophisticated on women over 50, and wearing black with beige or navy looks both expensive and elegant.

There are certain universal prints that will flatter any age such as stripes, leopard print and polka dots. However, some floral prints can be incredibly ageing, such as dark wallpaper florals. It’s also time to avoid those silly prints that look better on 20- and 30-somethings, in favour of a medium-sized print, or one with a solid background of single color. Choose a print that relates to your body frame – i.e. if you are petite them look for a smaller print (such as on-trend polka dot or swallow prints) or you will look lost in an oversized one. The opposite is also true; a tiny print on a large frame will make you look bigger than you are.



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