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Style Tip: Simple Ways to Make JEANS Work Savvy

1002_1West Coast ladies love our denim, but remember to keep it professional at work!

– Always wear a jacket with your jeans.

– Make sure your jeans are the most casual part of your outfit. Your shoes, boots, coloured top and jacket should be dressier.

– Skinny and straight leg jeans are trending, so are textures and printed denim.

– Dark denim, black or brown can be used for a little more sophisticated look, so leave your traditional denim for home and play.

– Accessories are key… add a great necklace, bracelet, blingy or statement belt, or SCARF and look more polished instantly.

KEEP YOUR JEANS LOOKING GREAT FOR LONGER To help keep your jeans from bleeding and keep the fabric color “true” for longer, launder your jeans inside out, add a cup of white household vinegar and a quarter cup of salt to the cold washing water. These natural ingredients help set the dye within the jeans’ fabric, providing some protection against bleeding. NEVER put your jeans in the dryer! Hang them to dry. The hot heat breaks down the elastine and your jeans won’t last as long.

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