Style Tips for Women Larger On Top

If you have a larger chest, it can be difficult to find the right fit. Tops that fit your chest are often too large around the ribcage and waist, or fit well everywhere else but at your breasts. Bottoms can accentuate a narrow lower half leading to a top-heavy look. Here are some suggestions to find the right fit for your shape!

  • GO FOR STRUCTURE: A great 3- or 4-button blazer brings structure to your top half for a flattering shape. On the bottom, look for flared crops and wider leg jeans to balance your top half. Avoid drapey tops, baggy trousers, or skin tight skinny jeans.
  • TOPS THAT FIT: Button-up blouses can be difficult to fit so look for sweaters and knits with stretch to avoid pulling at the buttons. Turtlenecks are a great option too.
  • SKIRTS & DRESSES: Go for A-line styles to provide balance. Graduated prints with the smaller print on top moving to a bigger print on the bottom are flattering and pretty.
  • COLOURS: Classic black and white serve you well. Go for dark colours on the top half and lighter colours for your bottom half.
  • EVENING: Play up your chest with a flattering and interesting neckline. Look for styles with wider straps and pair with a well-fitting bra for support and great coverage. Avoid strapless, spaghetti, halter, or backless tops that often do not provide enough support for larger chests.

We love to help you find your style!