Wear Capri Pants With Confidence

Capri pants look great on any woman! It is a matter of finding the right proportions for you.

Follow these tips to find your fit:


Look for styles that fall between your calf and ankle but avoid the widest part of your leg. You want the eye to flow down to the narrowest part of the leg for the most flattering look.


To create a longer, sleeker look, wear a tapered or straight leg capri. Baggier, wide-leg capris are suited for those who are a bit heavier in the thigh.


If you have shorter legs, try a higher waist. This draws the eye up and helps the leg appear longer. If you have a short torso, wear a mid-rise capri to achieve balance.


Short legs look best with a bit of a heel. This elongates your exposed calf. For everyone, nude shoes help your legs appear longer as they blend in with your skin tone. The second best shoe choice is the same colour as your capri.


Capris are a comfortable and versatile summer option. We now even see people wearing them to casual weddings paired with a fancy top.