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Mixing it Up with Prints & Textures

Men have been mixing prints and textures for years – wearing textured suits, matched with printed shirts and ties. Don’t be afraid to try it ladies! Why not experiment with it? This is a quick way to pep up your style.

Mixing Colours and Patterns
When you’re starting out, it’s often pleasing to the eye to stick with patterns that relate to each other in some way whether it be the colour or shape of the print.

If you’re pairing two different prints/patterns, choose your prints in complementary colours to pull your look together.

If you want to mix different colours, be sure to choose matching or similar prints.

Stripes go with almost anything and you’ll never go wrong with black and white!

The simple and more graphic prints are easier to mix. Florals and animal prints are often thought of as neutral prints because they can be mixed with other styles easily.

If a print-on-print is too much, break it up with a solid colour on top, either a jacket or tank top. This will ground your look.

Mixing Textures
Mixing textures can quickly individualize your look and creates an eclectic feeling. For some, it’s easier than mixing patterns.

Try pairing flannel trousers with a satin blouse or a sweater knit jacket.

More extreme textures combine well if they are in the same ‘mood’. For example, wool tweed pairs easily with suede, and satin matches well with sequins.

Wearing a hot fashion trend can be hard to get right the first time, but we have lots of experience and are ready to help! Come in and we’ll find the right mix for you.


Wearing Horizontals, Diagonals, and Triangles

Ladies of all body types, shapes, sizes, and ages shop at our Boutique, and nearly every woman is afraid of stripes! In every designer’s collection, there is usually a top with horizontal stripes, meant to be worn as a dominant piece and it’s always gorgeous! Many women avoid horizontal patterns because they think they make them look bigger, but that’s not true. We often hear the comment: “I can’t wear stripes going this way,” but guess what? YOU CAN and you will look fabulous! Now let’s examine the truth about STRIPES.

Not all horizontals are the same. The key is to find the right type for your body shape and the look you want to create.

For women with pear-shaped bodies (larger hips and bottom, smaller on top), you can use stripes to balance your shape. An unbroken area looks narrower than an area divided by a horizontal line and a horizontal detail can make an area look larger in proportion to another area. To put this in practice, go for a top with wide, bold stripes in contrasting colours – such as rugby stripes. These big bold stripes will bring your top in balance with your bottom to flatter your wonderfully curvy shape.

For petite ladies or anyone looking to shed a few pounds instantly, a series of narrow, evenly-spaced horizontal lines create a slimming look. These stripes draw the eye in an upward direction like climbing a ladder; thus, making you look taller. A good example of this style is the classic nautical blue and white-striped tops.

For every woman, keep in mind that narrow horizontal lines and stripes with very little colour contrast have the same effect as a solid colour – they won’t do anything to change your shape, so wear these styles without a second thought!

Horizontals placed high and low on the body can also slenderize your overall look. The longer the eye moves up and down before the eye meets the horizontal, the taller and slimmer you’ll look. Variegated stripes are a perfect example as they actually lead the eye vertically to create a slenderizing effect.

If you are wearing a jacket, cardigan or vest, you need to pair it with a striped top for a slenderizing fashion statement! Try it and see how you instantly elevate your look.

Diagonals are another useful tool to divert attention past the bust, waist or hips, and they can be very flattering. Diagonal hemlines on skirts and dresses avoid a harsh, shortening horizontal break on your lower body. The asymmetrical look makes the lower body look longer and leaner. We often ask a petite woman to try uneven and diagonal hemlines to help them look taller. This advice applies to tops as well – a diagonal hemline can make you appear taller.

When diagonal and horizontal lines meet, they create a triangle.
The eye tends to follow the horizontal line and see the body dimension as wider. For example, a wide v-neck creates a triangle that widens the shoulders, which is a flattering styling tool for women with small shoulders. For women with smaller busts, a halter neckline forms a triangle that enhances this area – think of Marilyn Monroe!

Let us help you find the right choice for you. Come into the Boutique, play with these ideas, and see for yourself – you absolutely can wear these gorgeous styles!


Winter Clothes for Hot Women

We are talking about hot flashes! After 10 years in business, we hear the same thing from many women before winter hits – they get too hot in the fashions of the season. Ladies, don’t worry; we can help! You can still rock winter styles without overheating by following these tips:


We often hear that polyester is simply too hot. You may want to abandon wool and cashmere too, especially if you’re wearing them right next to your skin. Layering helps though!


If you feel like you are suffocating, avoid closed necklines like turtlenecks and stick to v-necks and round necklines for the season.


Collect crisp blouses that you can wear untucked and pair them with relaxed, unstructured jackets for soft tailoring. This combination looks more professional than a simple tank or t-shirt but can be breezy enough to keep you cool.


If you’re wearing a single layer, go with bamboo, rayon or cotton tanks, ¾ sleeve tops and t-shirts. The full arm length tends to lock in the heat and make you look heavier. Short sleeves draw the eye upward to make look taller and slimmer, plus natural fibres are breathable, so you can deal with those “moments” in stride. Stay away from heavy coats and go for cardigan-style sweater jacket with a zipper or button front like those from Putorti and Parkhurst. Ponchos are another great outerwear option. Be sure to wear a t-shirt or tank top underneath to stay comfortable.


Winter vests are a wonderful alternative to heavy winter coats and they are versatile. They transition from inside to outside easily, and they are easy to take off.


Layering is obviously key! Do stay away from bulky pullover sweaters (think heavy acrylic pieces). They tend to be difficult to remove when you do get hot, plus they seal in your heat.


Finally, if you simply can’t stand to wear much, go with a loose fitting scarf and winter hat in rayon for an instant fall look. You’ll look comfortable and feel cool.


As always, if you want help finding cool fashions, we are here for you!


Style Tip: Length & Type of Necklines, Collars & Jewellery

We’re happy to hear from Style Expert Kathryn Brown with some great fit tips for necklines, collars and jewellery.

To balance your head and upper body through necklines, collars and jewelry, you must first find your balance points.

1. To find your first balance point, use a piece of string to cover the length of your face from your hairline to your chin. If you wear bangs, start at the bottom of your bangs. Next, hold your string where it hits your chin, let the string fall from the bottom of your chin down your chest. Where it ends is your first balance point. This helps you find the best neckline or jewellery lengths to compliment your shape.

2. Find your second balance by starting with the widest part of your face. Next, imagine tracing a “shape” that begins from one side of the widest part of your face, around your jawline and chin, then back up to the other side of the widest part. Repeat the shape you have just traced in your mind at your shoulder line around your neck.The bottom point of your shape indicates your second balance point. Necklines that follow this shape will suit you best and be the most flattering.

Need a hand finding the most flattering necklines for you? Come talk to the knowledgeable staff at KC’s Boutique.


Fall and Winter 2014

We’re receiving many pieces from the fall and winter collections of our lines like Joseph Ribkoff and Frank Lyman. We’re expecting even more new arrivals in September, but we want you to know that it’s a good time to shop now for fall and winter for the best size selection.



Find Your Perfect Dress for this Spring and Summer

Need a dress? Here are 3 styles of spring and summer dresses for women over 40 that are guaranteed to work for you.

The Sheath Dress
A sheath dress is class all the way. It’s a long, lean body skimming dress that encases your body, enhances your curves or creates them where there are none. This elegant style is typically sleeveless with strong waist definition and a back slit or pleats. It is unfussy and is a fabulous choice for work or anytime you are going to an important event and aren’t sure what to wear.

The Shift Dress
A shift dress is the kind of dress every woman wants in her closet because it is easy and comfortable. It’s sort of like wearing a long top. It hangs loose from the shoulders (sometimes has darts) and falls straight down to above the knee with no waist definition.
Shift dresses can be sleeveless, have short or long sleeves and usually have a high scoop or boatneck neckline. Since they are loose, they give off a casual, relaxed vibe and are excellent for covering up problem areas.

The Fit and Flare Dress
The fit and flare is one of the most popular silhouettes this spring and it’s no wonder. It has a fitted top with a very defined waist and a flared skirt. It can help balance a larger bust, define a waist and add curves. This style is very feminine and pretty.


Choosing the Right Colours and Prints

Adding colour to our outfits as we get older is a great way to look young and stylish, and it’s an ideal way of looking on-trend, while still keeping an outfit less fussy. Jewel colours such as crimson red, emerald green, or amethyst look particularly good against older skin, plus women over 50 have the experience and maturity to pull them off. However, bright primary colors can look draining against the face. That good old wardrobe staple black, can also make some older skins look washed out, in which case, add a hint of metallic in an accessory, or wear a brighter colour near the face in the guise of a necklace or scarf. Colours such as plum, deep red and chocolate brown look sophisticated on women over 50, and wearing black with beige or navy looks both expensive and elegant.

There are certain universal prints that will flatter any age such as stripes, leopard print and polka dots. However, some floral prints can be incredibly ageing, such as dark wallpaper florals. It’s also time to avoid those silly prints that look better on 20- and 30-somethings, in favour of a medium-sized print, or one with a solid background of single color. Choose a print that relates to your body frame – i.e. if you are petite them look for a smaller print (such as on-trend polka dot or swallow prints) or you will look lost in an oversized one. The opposite is also true; a tiny print on a large frame will make you look bigger than you are.


Turning a New Leaf by Janet Ward

With the days already getting shorter, it’s time to draw one season to a close and look forward to the warming trends of fall jewelry. As the leaves turn to vibrant shades of red, copper and gold, these colors are also appearing in our bangles and gems.

Gold is back for fall 2013 in all its sultry glory. As far back as ancient Egypt, gold has always been a highly sought-after item. Gold can infuse both comfort and richness to your style and the fall season is the perfect time to add these qualities to your wardrobe.

But just because gold is popular again doesn’t mean you should throw out your silver! In fact, many jewelry experts advise you to wear the “rival” metals together, warm with cool. For example, stack your bracelets, wear earrings that combine the two metals, or combine silver and gold neck chains.

As the air turns cooler, turn to your accessories to warm up your look. Gem stones in beautiful rich emeralds, vibrant reds and shades of bronze and copper add instant glamour to any outfit. Pair a necklace in one of these luminous colours with a black sweater and jeans for a great switch from Saturday shopping to dinner with friends.

Also, don’t just think of metals and baubles as your only go-to accessories. Grab a scarf to pump up the look of a simple outfit. Not only does a scarf look fabulous wrapped and tied in a beautiful knot, it can easily add a hint of color to any staple item in your closet. A scarf is also the perfect weight for those cool autumn mornings, rather than a heavier jacket, and definitely comes in handy in an air-conditioned office or for those after-work errands. Stash one in your glove box or desk drawer to chase away the chills of the autumn days ahead.

Drop by KC’s Boutique to see the latest trends in Fall Jewelry.

Janet Ward, Haute Jewelry


Style Tips for an Instant Face Lift

You can create a lot of lift by knowing how to place accessories on and around your face. For instance, a scarf knotted too low draws eyes down; instead, place the knot between your bust line and your shoulders to draw attention up to your face.


Eyebrows that are not shaped or filled in will make your face dip. Eyebrows often thin with age, so use an angle brush and eye powder or pencil to fill in brows. You can also counter the effect by having them professionally shaped and tinted by an esthetician.


Get your hair styled to emphasize your eyes. A great cut that highlights your eyes with bangs, waves, or angles naturally at eye level will draw the eye up.


If you wear glasses, be sure to select a pair that fits your face and emphasizes your eyes as opposed to your cheeks. Experiment with different frames to find what works best.


Small changes go a long way to help you look and feel your best!


(Adapted from 40 over 40 by Brenda Kinsel)