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Building a Casual Wardrobe

In the many years that KC’s Boutique has been open, we’ve learned a formula that works well with any casual wardrobe.

When you purchase a new pair of bottoms, invest in or make sure you have 5 tops that match. By following this tip, you will be sure to always have an outfit that comes together in a snap!

This formula works especially well when you are purchasing a bottom in a unique fashion colour because you will always be able to pull together an outfit without worrying about finding matching tops at a later date.

This basic wardrobe principle keeps the stress out of dressing!


Stay Cool & Look Chic in the Summer Heat

Stay stylish even in the hot summer sun with these tips.

  • Choose natural fibres that are breathable like cotton, bamboo, rayon and modal.
  • Wear a stylish pair of strappy sandals or peep toe shoes.
  • Pull long hair up into a stylish up-do.
  • If you need to wear a hat, look for one made of straw.
  • Long flowing and loose-fitting garments actually keep you cooler than shorts. Just look at the Saudis! With these types of garments, there is more air circulation than if the clothes are clinging to your body.
  • Wear light colours instead of dark colours; the exception is light blue since light blue shows more sweat than any other colour.
  • Avoid sugary drinks and caffeine as they dehydrate you.
  • If traveling, shopping or dining where there is air conditioning, be sure to bring a 3/4 sleeve cardigan with you.
  • Avoid tucking in your tops as it holds in the heat.
  • Don’t wear pantyhose unless your work demands it.
  • Maxi dresses are so comfortable this time of year. They are suitable for both casual or formal events and are so helpful to keep you cool. Let the men wear the pants!


Horizontal Stripes – They Don’t Add Pounds!

We’ve been telling you for years that horizontal stripes DO NOT make you look bigger and now there is finally proof that wearing horizontal stripes can actually make you look thinner!

“Vertical stripes were always thought to make the wearer look taller and thinner. Now, a study by York University has dismissed all this as an old wives’ tale. Researchers showed volunteers drawings of same-sized women in both horizontal and vertical-striped dresses and asked who looked larger. In each case, the woman wearing stripes across the body was judged to be smaller.”

Read more about it and see real-world examples by clicking here.


Necklines, Collars & Jewellery: Balance Points

By Style Expert Kathryn Brown 

To balance your head and upper body through necklines, collars, and jewelry, first find your balance points.

1. To find your first balance point, use a piece of string to cover the length of your face from your hairline to your chin. If you wear bangs, start at the bottom of your bangs. Next, hold your string where it hits your chin, let the string fall from the bottom of your chin down your chest. Where it ends is your first balance point. This helps you find the best neckline or jewellery lengths to compliment your shape.

2. Find your second balance by starting with the widest part of your face. Next, imagine tracing a “shape” that begins from one side of the widest part of your face, around your jawline and chin, then back up to the other side of the widest part. Repeat the shape you have just traced in your mind at your shoulder line around your neck.The bottom point of your shape indicates your second balance point. Necklines that follow this shape will suit you best and be the most flattering.

Need a hand finding the most flattering necklines for you? Come talk to the knowledgeable staff at KC’s Boutique.


Fit Tips Recap!

Dress the body you have now, not the one you were or that you want to be!

We can put body shapes into 5 main categories:

  • Hourglass
  • Rectangle
  • Triangle
  • Inverted Triangle, and
  • Circle


Identify your body type and remember to balance your top and bottom… clothing can camouflage problems and create balance.

If you want to look taller, the first thing you can do is shorten your sleeve length.

If you have very short legs, try wearing an elbow length sleeve. The rest of us should try the 3/4 sleeve. This works almost every time.

To balance your head and upper body try wearing the correct neckline or collar.

If you are on the thinner side or have a small chest, wear a higher neckline to give the illusion you have more real estate on the upper floor.

High necklines will always add bulk to the upper body, so if you are top heavy, try a lower neckline below the “dent” in the collarbone.

If you have longer legs you can create a better proportion by wearing medium or long length jackets, long sleeves and dropping the waistline.

Colour reflects a change in fashion and most women can wear most colours on the colour wheel. Remember wearing the fashions of the 80s? Then there is a good chance you will need stronger colours as a mature woman. Try adding turquoise, red, coral, yellow and blue to your wardrobe.

We have trained staff who can help you recognize and dress these shapes and we look forward to helping you look your best.


Pants that Fit!

Follow these tips to get the best pants that fit your body shape.

If you are PETITE (5’4″ or under), try a trimmed crop pant, or a pant with a vertical crease down the front and back which makes legs appear longer. Compression fabrics tend to slim the leg and give you some height as well.

For our ladies with FULL HIPS and thighs, we suggest a pant where the cut falls down from the widest part of the thigh for a flattering fit. A slight bootcut or straight leg (not skinny) will help your curves look less wide.

If you have a TUMMY, try a straight leg pant and find one that sits neatly at your waist. A pull on pant with tummy control is helpful too. Avoid pleats or baggy cuts which bring attention to your midriff.

TALL women can carry off a fabulous flare pant. Palazzo pants work well with height too.

Lastly, if your waist is much smaller than your hips and your backside appears bigger than the rest of your frame, fit your bum and take in the waist. Save waist alterations by trying the Flatter Me Belt!

Please come into the store and let us help find the most flattering and comfortable pants for you.


Finding Your Diamonds

Believe it or not, your beautiful legs have designated areas called diamonds. Yes, diamonds! Let’s go on a treasure hunt and find where they are!

Stand in front of a mirror and click your heels together like Dorothy on the Wizard of Oz. With your heels together and your toes pointed out at about a 45-degree angle, check out the curvature of your legs in the mirror. Your diamonds are the spaces in which your legs are farthest apart. The diamond ends where your legs touch or become closer together.

A universal length that flatters anyone is just below, just above, or at the knee. This is why the pencil skirt is a classic basic! Bermuda shorts are also flattering on just about everyone since they land closer to the knee.

Wherever a hemline hits, the eye follows, so to achieve a slimming and flattering look, avoid trousers that hit the middle of your calves or thighs where legs tend to touch. Next time you go shopping, have fun with the treasure hunt and discover pieces that will accentuate your dazzling diamonds!

Thank you, Kim McMurray, certified Image Consultant, personal shopper and speaker, for this article. kimzmcm@gmail.com, 250-734-1925, www.beautyspeakers.org/KimMcMurray.html


What Colour Makes you POP?

by Kim McMurray

I don’t know about you, but I like to wear colours based on the weather. If it’s a gloomy day, you’ll likely see me in black… maybe with a little teal to add some life to my eyes. If it’s a sunny day, you’ll undoubtedly spot me in the distance showcasing bright yellow! Weather doesn’t need to determine your clothing colours, but there are certainly colours that will make you fab, or make you drab.

According to my training with Shari Braendel, speaker and author of “Help Me, Jesus! I Have Nothing to Wear!”, there are six colour groups that can help you determine what flatters you most. Your category depends on the colour of your eyes, complexion, and hair (natural or what you dye it the majority of the time). We won’t go into all of the details, but let’s help you POP this summer!

If you have light blonde or white hair, fair skin and light to medium eyes, you are a light. Light to medium shades will be the most flattering on you.

Pop Colours: Turquoise, pink, lavender, sapphire blue and this season’s limpet shell.

If you have light to medium brown hair, light to medium skin and medium eyes, you are a soft. Aim for medium shades for your best look.

Pop Colours: Teal blue, coral, mint green and this season’s serenity and buttercup.

If you have any red in your hair (whether natural or dyed), you are a warm. Autumn-like shades with a yellow undertone will always compliment you. Pop Colours: Rust, butterscotch, copper, turquoise and this season’s peach echo.

If you have dark medium brown to black hair, very light to medium skin and bright eyes, you are a clear. You can pull off bright colours better than anyone, so think bright!

Pop Colours: Bright purple, clear red, sunny yellow, hot pink and this season’s green flash.

If you have medium, dark brown or black hair, medium to dark skin and hazel or brown eyes, you are a deep. Medium to deep rich shades with splashes of bright will be gorgeous.

Pop Colours: Purple, true red, royal blue and this season’s fiesta.

If you have silver, grey or ash brown and usually skin with a pink undertone, you are a cool. Go for light to medium shades with a blue or pink undertone to enhance your natural beauty.

Pop Colours: Royal purple, blue-red, pink rose, lilac grey, and snorkel blue.

Kim McMurray is a certified Image Consultant, personal shopper and speaker. Her passion is to inspire women of all ages to embrace and reflect their unique beauty from the inside out. She has enthusiastically taught women around the world how to dress according to their natural colouring and specific body type to confidently live out their life’s calling. kimzmcm@gmail.com, 250-734-1925


Your New Favourite Shades

by Kim McMurray

Is it time to find a new favourite pair of shades? Whatever your style, choosing sunglasses to suit your face shape is yet another piece to achieving that perfect head-to-toe look.

The four popular categories of face shapes are: oval, heart, square, and round.

With every face shape, it is important to remember your frame size. If you are more petite, go for smaller frames. For those of you that are more medium/average, flatter yourself with medium-size frames. If you are taller, make a statement and showcase larger frames.

In general, opposites attract with face shapes to be balanced. So here’s what you need to look for:

Oval: Your face shape is naturally balanced, so most styles will also naturally look great on you!

Just remember to choose according to your frame size!


Heart: Your face shape is wider in the forehead with beautifully defined cheekbones and narrower in the jawline. (You usually have a widow’s peak too!) Opt for styles that are wider on the bottom. Sorry heart-shaped ladies, aviators are not your best, try wayfarers, cat-eye, or round styles instead.

Square: Your face shape has a straight hairline and a sexy defined jawline.

To soften the angles, choose styles that are wider than the fullest part of your face with rounded edges.


Round: Your face shape naturally youthful. It is shorter than the Oval making it roughly as wide as it is long. You’ll do the opposite as the Square face shape and opt for frames with defined angles.

Kim McMurray is a certified Image Consultant, personal shopper and speaker. Her passion is to inspire women of all ages to embrace and reflect their unique beauty from the inside out. She has enthusiastically taught women around the world how to dress according to their natural colouring and specific body type to confidently live out their life’s calling. kimzmcm@gmail.com, 250-734-1925, 


Jewelry for the Holidays

The holidays call for glitz and glamour and when it comes to jewelry it’s no exception.

Stand out from the crowd in with eye-catching sparkle and shine accessories.

You can jazz up your party look with:

a big gold chunky necklace,

shiny chandelier earrings,

or even a playful oversized ring.

You don’t have to do it big if you want to tone it down – minimal jewelry can be a great way to show your shine!