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Style Tip: Rayon & Why You Should Wear It

All About Rayon

Confused about rayon? Rayon has come a long way!

Now present in many clothes due to its wearability, breathability and versatility, this natural fabric is an excellent choice.

In the clothing industry, it is the new cotton. Learn more about it and why you should wear it below!

Natural Yet Manufactured

Modal, bamboo, and rayon are all similar— natural yet manufactured fibers. Essentially, cellulose from trees goes through a chemical process to become that beautiful scarf you can wear! The process has come a long way from the past and is now an environmentally-friendly and sustainable way of creating a versatile fabric.

Rayon’s Advantages

Rayon is softer and more moisture absorbent than cotton, so it is comfortable to wear and layer. It drapes well for a flattering fit too.

Compared to cotton and other fabrics, rayon is easy to dye and can be dyed in a greater array of vivid colours.

Your rayon clothes will look new for longer as the fabric is naturally pill-resistant and doesn’t build static or wrinkle easily.

Finally, rayon is a great choice for perimenopausal and menopausal women who generate a lot of body heat. The fabric doesn’t insulate you; your body can breathe and stay cooler.

Rayon Blends & Types

Rayon is often mixed with other fabrics to increase washing strength and maintain garment shape. Rayon and spandex is a popular combination that wears and washes well.

There are many types of rayon sources. Two common types are modal and bamboo. Modal rayon is made from the cellulose of beech trees and is especially soft. It also resists creasing, is very absorbent, and super breathable. Bamboo rayon is naturally antibacterial and antifungal-it doesn’t hold odours. Bamboo rayon has the added benefit of being UV-protective. Finally, it is one of the most eco-friendly options as bamboo grows quickly in a variety of climates and conditions.

Care Instructions

Like all natural fibers, rayon clothes should always be washed in cold water and laid flat to air dry. If you put rayon items in the dryer, they will quickly lose their shape and elasticity. You also want to avoid hanging rayon on hangers to dry as it can lead to over-stretched clothes. When in doubt, check your clothing labels for care instructions or ask us for help.


Style Tip: Cold Shoulder is a Hot Trend


Many of us tend to cover up more as we age, but this is a trend you can wear with confidence no matter what your age as it is truly age-defying.

Showing a little skin is youthful and alluring. This style is a tasteful and elegant way to do so regardless of body type. No one has bad shoulders and shoulders have taken their place as a fashion focal point.

More benefits of this trend are that it offers natural ventilation (wonderful for hot flashes!) and still gives you that feeling of covering up, especially around the neck.


Cold shoulder tops work for day and evening and can be found in many different fabrics and styles including blouses, sweatshirts, t-shirts and dresses. Here are our top tips for wearing them:

  • Keep the neckline simple with these tops. If you want to accessorize, go for a long pendant necklace.
  • If you have a larger bust, go for the more fitted styles with a clean neckline to avoid adding more volume to your chest.
  • If you have an apple body shape or more of a tummy, look for styles that float over the stomach and have details or embellishments like embroidery or pearls at the neckline. This draws the eye upward to your gorgeous face and shoulders, thus lifting the eye away from your midsection.
  • Triangle or pear body shapes look amazing in a fit and flare dress with the cold shoulder which draws the eye away from the hips. It’s a flattering way to add balance to your proportions.
  • If you have an hourglass shape, fit and flare dresses work well too, but also try fitted tops and tunics to highlight your curves in a flattering way.
  • Rectangle or straight body shapes can use this style to create curves, especially by adding ruffles and prints to your cold shoulder top or dress.


For all body shapes, you can pair a cold shoulder top with jeans or leggings for a current fashion style that will have you feeling fabulous!

Need help picking out the best style for you? We are here to guide you! Next time you are shopping, ask us to select a few styles for you to try on and see how great you look.


Discover Canadian Fashion

Like fashion trends, Canadian fashion labels come and go, but many designers are now finding success internationally. We have amazing designers that are changing the way people dress and how they feel about themselves.

Designed and made in Canada lines like Joseph Ribkoff and Lisette L. are sold around the world. Other notable lines include Softworks, Libra, Parkhurst, Country Cotton, Putorti, Gilmour, Swish, and many more.

Clothing made in Canada is not necessarily cheap, but it is affordable and worthwhile. After running a Boutique specializing in made in Canada fashions for over a decade, our experience has been that Canadian clothing is higher quality and lasts longer than the mass-produced alternatives. We also love the feeling of supporting businesses close to home and in a small way, keeping manufacturing alive in Canada. Remember that we need to support local industries and businesses with our wallets if we want them to stick around!

Canada is a fashionable country. We have fabulous clothing designers and manufacturers employing home-grown talent and enriching local economies from coast-to-coast. Shop local and look for the made in Canada label to support our fashion industry; you will look and feel great when you do!


Style Tip: Dressing Your Age

All too often, we hear women ask, “Am I too old to wear this?” The truth is more often than not, the answer is a resounding NO. There is no rule book or memo dictating what you can or cannot wear at your age. Once upon a time, we heard that we had to cover our arms or abandon pencil skirts and opt for cashmere twin sets when we became grandmothers. This is absolutely not the case! Your style is in your DNA and it is your personal choice. When you feel good, you look good. So next time you find yourself asking, “Am I too old for this?” STOP and keep these tips in mind instead.

  • Dress to be yourself. Do you love it? Does it make you feel good? Go for it!
  • Signature accessories are an easy way to make your look your own. We see many women with fabulous eyewear or fun shoes that make a statement and define their look.
  • Printed pants are great for all ages and very stylish this year. Every woman can pull off a unique printed pant for ageless appeal. The key is finding your ideal fit and balancing your look with a neutral top and the right accessories.
  • Shop at age appropriate stores so you can ensure the cuts and fabrics are going to work for your body. You can’t expect to shop at a teen store and look your best. Boutiques and stores that cater to women carry silhouettes, fabrics, cuts, and styles that will flatter.
  • What’s your lifestyle? Dress for your lifestyle and don’t force yourself into trends or styles that don’t match your body shape. Dress to feel comfortable and wear practical pieces that make sense for your day-to-day.
  • Know your body shape and dress accordingly!
  • Know your audience. What do you want to project with your clothing? Your outfits can change with your audience. Wearing a fitted suit with killer shoes projects a powerful, pulled-together vibe, but you may want to go with a novelty t-shirt around the grandkids. Wearing quirky and colourful jewellery is another way to showcase your personality.
  • Showing skin doesn’t have to mean showing your belly button. Cold shoulder tops, sheer sleeves, low cut or cut out panel dresses and tops are sexy and elegant at any age. Highlight your best features with cuts and colours that suit your shape.
  • When in doubt, go for clothing that makes you feel confident and that is comfortable. Life is too short to be stuck in tight, stuffy and uncomfortable clothes. It is possible to find clothes that feel as good as they look!

Finally, remember that looking modern is more important than looking trendy, so be sure to balance your look with old and new styles. Also, review your closet regularly and clear out old, outdated and worn-out clothes so you don’t get stuck in a style rut.

No matter how old you are, you want to look like yourself!


Prints & Tops = The Perfect Match

Every woman should have a selection of patterned or printed tops in her wardrobe! We bring in a large selection of patterned tops for practical and aesthetic reasons. Here are a few:


Tops with prints or patterns instantly create visual interest. You can add drama or a punch to your look with the simple addition of a printed top. Be sure to choose prints or patterns with colours that complement your skin tone.

Printed tops also allow you to express different moods. Feeling artsy? Go for a top from our Dolcezza Simply Art Collection. Feeling romantic or want to go ultra feminine? Go for florals, which are huge this year! Want to be on trend instantly? Tartans and plaids are popular for fall; try FDJ’s reversible blouses and jackets in checks and plaids to add colour and style.


Worried about your midsection or want to conceal lumps and bumps? Go for a print! Most patterns and prints are visually slimming. Don’t take our word for it though; try a printed top for yourself and see the difference. Patterns and prints camouflage. Solid coloured tops will accentuate your middle, so unless you want to show off your figure, go for tops with visual interest. For extra camouflage and coverage, go for printed tops in weighted fabrics and/or with ruching on the sides.


Patterns disguise spills and stains well so if you are clumsy, you’ll love that benefit. Crease or perspiration stains can also be disguised by the right print making them a great choice to bring on your travels.

Whatever your image – classic, feminine, artsy – wear prints to keep your look modern and fresh. You will love the interest it adds to your outfit, plus many prints and patterns are uplifting! As a bonus, you are likely to hear, “Have you lost weight?” or “You look fabulous!” every time you wear a print that you love.


Style Tip: Working with Your Body Proportions

Last month, we covered the reverse shape: bigger on top. Click here to read that Style Tip. This month, we are covering another common body shape: bigger on the bottom.

First off, we would like to address the fact that finding correctly fitting pants can be especially difficult for women with this body type. For a pant to fit correctly, the rise must fit comfortably on your hips and without pulling or creasing at the crotch. If you have too much extra fabric in that area, the crotch pulls or creases at your thighs, or the crotch of your pants sags down to your thighs, then you have the wrong fit. You also want to avoid low rises and skinny jeans. We know the fashion industry has certainly made it difficult the last few years with so many narrow leg and ankle pants in-style!

What works for many women with this body type are FDJ’s Peggy Fit denim and Marble’s casual bottoms. Both lines offer a good fit for women with small waists and larger hips and thighs. Joseph Ribkoff’s pull-on-pants with a longer rise, straight leg and many colour options are another great choice for both tall and petite ladies.

Whether you are small or heavy, often women with this body type appear to have shorter legs. Go for mid-rise, mid-width pants to de-emphasize the hips and lengthen the legs. A higher rise pant usually works best because they fall from the widest part of the hip straight down to balance out your proportions. For shoes, opt for pointy-toed styles which lengthen the leg as well.

For skirts, look for a-line silhouettes in mid-weight fabrics and darker colours. For dresses, go with the a-line and add a short jacket with strong shoulders that sits at the top of the hip to create a longer leg line and slim the hip.

General tips for bigger on the bottom women:

  • DO look for tops that have structure, give you a waistline and sit above the hip. What woman over 40 wouldn’t want to show off a waistline?!
  • DO go for jackets and blouses with collars which open things up and brighten your face.
    DO wear v-neck sweaters in bright colours or with interesting details on the shoulders or necklines to add visual interest to your upper body
  • DON’T wear tops that are too long and cover your backside. You will look shorter and heavier than you actually are and this look will shorten your legs.

Remember the goal is always to balance your upper half with the lower half!

Outfits don’t need to be complicated. Plan a shopping trip to find a way to show off your best features with our team who can find what works best for YOU.


Style Tips for an Instant Face Lift

You can create a lot of lift by knowing how to place accessories on and around your face. For instance, a scarf knotted too low draws eyes down; instead, place the knot between your bust line and your shoulders to draw attention up to your face.

Eyebrows that are not shaped or filled in will make your face dip.

Eyebrows often thin with age, so use an angle brush and eye powder or pencil to fill in brows.

You can also counter the effect by having them professionally shaped and tinted by an esthetician.

Get your hair styled to emphasize your eyes. A great cut that highlights your eyes with bangs, waves, or angles naturally at eye level will draw the eye up.

If you wear glasses, be sure to select a pair that fits your face and emphasizes your eyes as opposed to your cheeks. Experiment with different frames to find what works best.

Small changes go a long way to help you look and feel your best!

(Adapted from 40 over 40 by Brenda Kinsel)


Controlling Static Cling During the Winter

There are many techniques to help reduce static cling during the dry days of winter. Try one of the tips below and keep your clothing static-free all winter-long.

Gently rub a dryer sheet on the inside of a garment.

A light spritz of hairspray can help tame the static.

For a temporary fix, rub your hosiery with damp hands.

Make sure your legs are well moisturized, especially when wearing hosiery.

Try fastening a safety pin discreetly inside a hem to minimize static buildup.

Add ½ cup of vinegar to your machine wash – vinegar acts as a natural fabric softener.

Remove your clothes from the dryer before they are fully dry – any bit of moisture helps!

Finally, if all else fails, pick up a can of Static Guard, a fabric-friendly aerosol product available at most supermarkets that comes in a handy purse sized bottle.

*Adapted from The Globe and Mail


Turning a New Leaf

by Janet Ward, Haute Jewelry

Gold is back in all its sultry glory. As far back as ancient Egypt, gold has always been a highly sought-after item. Gold can infuse both comfort and richness to your style and the fall season is the perfect time to add these qualities to your wardrobe.

But just because gold is popular again doesn’t mean you should throw out your silver! In fact, many jewelry experts advise you to wear the “rival” metals together, warm with cool. For example, stack your bracelets, wear earrings that combine the two metals, or combine silver and gold neck chains.

As the air turns cooler, turn to your accessories to warm up your look. Gemstones in beautiful rich emeralds, vibrant reds and shades of bronze and copper add instant glamour to any outfit. Pair a necklace in one of these luminous colours with a black sweater and jeans for a great switch from Saturday shopping to dinner with friends.

Also, don’t just think of metals and baubles as your only go-to accessories. Grab a scarf to pump up the look of a simple outfit. Not only does a scarf look fabulous wrapped and tied in a beautiful knot, it can easily add a hint of color to any staple item in your closet. A scarf is also the perfect weight for those cool autumn mornings, rather than a heavier jacket, and definitely comes in handy in an air-conditioned office or for those after-work errands. Stash one in your glove box or desk drawer to chase away the chills of the autumn days ahead.

Drop by KC’s Boutique to see the latest trends in Jewelry.


Choosing the Right Colours and Prints

Adding colour to our outfits as we get older is a great way to look young and stylish, and it’s an ideal way of looking on-trend, while still keeping an outfit less fussy.

Jewel colours such as crimson red, emerald green, or amethyst look particularly good against older skin, plus women over 50 have the experience and maturity to pull them off.

However, bright primary colors can look draining against the face.

That good old wardrobe staple black can also make some older skins look washed out, in which case, add a hint of metallic in an accessory, or wear a brighter colour near the face in the guise of a necklace or scarf.

Colours such as plum, deep red and chocolate brown look sophisticated on women over 50, and wearing black with beige or navy looks both expensive and elegant.

There are certain universal prints that will flatter any age such as stripes, leopard print and polka dots.

However, some floral prints can be incredibly aging, such as dark wallpaper florals.

It’s also time to avoid those silly prints that look better on 20- and 30-somethings, in favour of a medium-sized print, or one with a solid background of single color.

Choose a print that relates to your body frame – i.e. if you are petite then look for a smaller print (such as on-trend polka dot or swallow prints) or you will look lost in an oversized one.

The opposite is also true; a tiny print on a large frame will make you look bigger than you are.